Are you worried about these problems?

80% of Chinese companies have faced at least one of these challenges.

The exhibition results have declined year after year, resulting in always fewer inquiries and new business partners.

[Waste of Opportunity]

Many opportunities were lost on ineffective marketing strategies. Other competitors have benefited from this situation to increase their profit and market share.

[Waste of Time]

Many good employees left the company as a result of ineffective marketing strategies, tension between teams, and a general lack of sense of achievement.

[Waste of Talent]

Omni-channel Solution

Search Ads

Reach 88% of global users right when they are searching for something online. Be there when and even before they need you.

Display Ads

Promote your brand awareness across a vast network of more than 2 million websites and applications.

Video Ads

Increase your brand value quickly through vivid advertisement showing your unique brand stories.

Gmail Ads

With Gmail ads you can target the right prospects at just the right time based on their interests, demographics, and keywords used. Engage with them directly in their inbox.

Re-targeting Ads

With re-targeting ads you can get users to return to your website and improve your business ROI.

Shopping Ads

Through shopping ads, display relevant products from your B2C e-commerce catalogue feed with images, price, and a link to your website.

Waste of opportunities?

How can you make your booth crowded to visit? How can you reduce your cost-per-conversion and increase your marketing efficiency?

Competitor analysis
Keyword analysis
Market positioning
Use online advertising to increase visits to your offline exhibition booth

Waste of time?

Our attention to details and to quality ensures that you are always getting your money’s worth.

Team lead under Google’s supervision
One-stop marketing solution spanning from copywriting, to SEO and advertising
Localized service quality in line with Google’s standards

Waste of talent?

We can provide free training sessions to build your team’s knowledge and expertise.

7/24 online service availability
VIP training courses, on-site feedback and analysis
Free training sessions on foreign trade and digital marketing

How We Promote Your Business With Google Ads

1.Market Analysis and Research

We conduct a complete market analysis to identify your ideal group of customers and understand them fully.

Strategy Formulation and Recommendations

We craft the best advertising plan according to your brands’ keywords, competitors, and target markets.

3. 3.Account Opening and Management

We optimize your website for Google Ads, while constantly monitoring each of your ads’ budget.

4.Reporting and Account Optimization

We timely adjust our keyword list, bidding, budget allocation, and advertising strategy based on real-time results.

Each SEM Specialist Has Passed the Google Ads Certification.

Search Ads: 25 authenticated users

Video Ads: 19 authenticated users

Search Ads: 25 authenticated users

Mobile Ads: 18 authenticated users

Digital Marketing Sale: 25 authenticated users

Shopping Ads: 15 Authenticated users

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